As architectural ‘generalists’,  we forego specialization by building type which enables a full examination of each project's individual potential without relying on the preconceived notions of a typical solution.  We immerse ourselves in a design process that reveals possibilities and achieves the best possible results for the client.


Oglesby Greene Architects has a rich Texas history, earning sustained respect from our clients and peers as evidenced by the extremely numerous design awards we have received. Our firm maintains its timeless design excellence by embracing the leading edge of architectural theory and practice and aggressively pursuing the use of new building technologies.


Architecturally we are ‘classic modernists’ and have made a strategic decision to avoid engaging in recapitulations of traditional architectural forms and technologies. As is demonstrated by the breadth and diversity of our portfolio, we have sought out commissions that are engaging, complex, and are constructed in a way that is focused on the buildings' future performance.


A conscious decision was made decades ago to limit the size of the firm and utilize a management structure which allows the Principals to engage in a wider breadth of collaborative processes and design detailings with both clients and staff.


Oglesby Greene architects have been working within the firm for an average of 15 years with the principals for over 30 years. We have proven that a team with a broad base of experience, one dealing over time with multiple building types, yields a more enlivened and refined architectural design, with the owners and users and their programming needs the clear beneficiary.